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ISBN: 9780073523958 / 007352395X
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: JAN-14
Pages: 512

Copyright: 2015
Edition: 1
Format: Spiral bound
Public Speaking Matters

Kory Floyd


Key features

  • Connect Public Speaking provides a wealth of resources to help students improve their communication skills. With engaging activities and powerful public speaking tools, Connect Communication addresses key course challenges to help boost student performance.
  • SmartBook is the first and only adaptive reading experience available for the higher education market. Powered by the intelligent and adaptive LearnSmart engine, SmartBook facilitates the reading process by identifying what content a student knows and doesn’t know. As a student reads, the material continuously adapts to ensure the student is focused on the content he or she needs the most to close specific knowledge gaps.
  • Use LearnSmart Achieve to personalize student learning and identify what students don’t know. Public Speaking Matters offers a digital learning environment that teaches students to apply the skills of the communication course. LearnSmart Achieve focuses on crucial study skills, such as time management, and creates a personalized learning experience tailored to students’ skill levels. Using questions to identify what students don’t know, LearnSmart Achieve provides on-the-spot tutoring utilizing learning resources, such as videos, detailed artwork, a narrative coach, other visual aids, supplemental reading, or a combination of all these tools.
  • Adapt to Culture boxes develop students’ ability to address listeners with differing cultural backgrounds and languages, as well as varying levels of expertise in the presentational topic.
  • Adapt to Technology boxes build students’ proficiency in knowing where to look for material for their speeches, pinpointing and critically assessing the sources of any potentially useful material they find, incorporating and citing their sources properly so as to avoid plagiarism, and using technology to create effective sensory aids.
  • Adapt to Ethics boxes present a spectrum of ethical challenges that competent speakers must successfully address.
  • Adapt to Anxiety boxes offer strategies for transforming stage fright into a positive force that focuses and energizes the speaker.
  • Adapt to Context boxes give practical tips for analyzing the needs of the audience and of the speaking situation and responding effectively to both.
  • Skills-building exercises. Each “Adapt to…” selection concludes with a “What You Can Do” exercise giving students practice in using the particular skill in a real-world setting or scenario. Students benefit by getting plentiful opportunities to apply these skills personally and actively.
  • “Live… Work… Speak” boxes present students with short workplace scenarios, asking them to contemplate the choices and adaptations they might make at a given decision point. Framing public speaking in a career or community focus, each activity requires students to adapt and apply multiple public speaking skills taught in the module to a real-world context.
  • Prepare to Succeed. Every chapter concludes with a “Prepare to Succeed” overview, offering concrete suggestions for building the skills covered in that chapter.

  • Table of contents

    Part 1. The Practice of Public Speaking
    Chapter 1. Adapt Your Voice
    Chapter 2. Manage Speech Anxiety
    Chapter 3. Practice Effective Listening
    Chapter 4. Speak Ethically
    Part 2. Getting Started with Your Speech
    Chapter 5. Know and Adapt to Your Audience
    Chapter 6. Select a Topic and Purpose
    Part 3. Supporting Your Speech
    Chapter 7. Locate Supporting Materials
    Chapter 8. Select and Evaluate Supporting Materials
    Chapter 9. Cite Sources in Your Speech
    Part 4. Organizing and Developing Your Speech
    Chapter 10. Outline Your Speech
    Chapter 11. Organize the Body of Your Speech
    Chapter 12. Introduce and Conclude Your Speech
    Chapter 13. Use Language Successfully
    Part 5. Forms of Speeches
    Chapter 14. Speak to Inform
    Chapter 15. Speak to Persuade
    Chapter 16. Practice Persuasiveness
    Chapter 17. Speak in Small Groups
    Chapter 18. Speak on the Job
    Chapter 19. Speak on Special Occasions
    Part 6. Presenting Your Speech
    Chapter 20. Choose a Form of Delivery
    Chapter 21. Use Your Body and Voice Effectively
    Chapter 22. Use Presentation Aids Effectively
    Appendix: The Art of Speechcrafting
    Appendix: Sample Speeches



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